YASO - Soy like never before

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Fitorex Ltd.

Fitorex Ltd. is a Hungarian R&D orientated innovative company devoted to the development and production of YASO® specially sprouted soybean and value added functional products based on YASO®.

Fitorex has pioneered the world’s first high yield, industrial-scaled sprouting process of soybean with unique patented composition.

Fitorex is engaged in the development of new functional foods exploiting the favourable composition and nutritional benefits of YASO®. These value added premium products are not only nutritious, natural and fit into a sustainable and healthier future but also the highest quality ones on the market.

Our production plant is BRC and IFS certified that assures that food safety and quality.


The efforts of Fitorex are recognized by the industry, Fitorex with YASO® and value added premium products made of YASO® has won several renowned international awards in recent years.