YASO - Soy like never before

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Sustainable development and healthier future

Vegetal alternatives can help reducing of animal products and at the same time reserving the environment. Soya has lower environmental impact than meat or dairy products. Soya products are more sustainable in terms of land use, water use and green house gas (GHG) emission.


0,4 ha of land can produce enough protein to sustain one man for (Super Soy, Barbara Farr):

  • 75 days in terms of beef
  • 350 days in terms of maize
  • 875 days in terms of wheat
  • 2,200 days in terms of soybean


Compared to beef, soya burgers use 20 times less water and over 45 times less land. (Alprosoy)


YASO® itself and its production are highly sustainable:

  • Human consumption: While 80-90% of global soya production is used to feed animals, Fitorex processes soy directly into food for human consumption.
  • Alternative to meat: YASO® is a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to animal-based products.
  • Eco-friendly raw material: Non-GMO soyabean is used.
  • Eco-friendly process: During YASO® production process no chemicals are used.
  • Efficient usage of natural resources: Fitorex is efficient in using natural resources such as energy, land and water:
    • low energy footprint
    • low CO2 footprint
    • soil friendly